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Highlights of Resilient Cities Day 3, 31 May 2014


Local leaders champion resilience building

Making cities resilient to disaster and the impacts of climate change has undoubtedly become a responsibility of all local leaders. This became evident during deliberations by over 400 experts, and practitioners who convened for Resilient Cities 2014: The 5th Global Forum on Urban Resilience and Adaptation in Bonn Germany.

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Financing resilience finally taking off, matchmaking and silos largest obstacles

This year’s finance plenary was optimistic. All panelists agreed that we are finally living the true naissance of resilience and adaptation funding. But we are still not making adequate haste – especially considering that much of our collective available financial resources is sitting idle.

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Dutch-style interactive modelling of heat islands, indoor overheating and pluvial water management

At the end of the three days of Resilient Cities 2014, four researchers and one policy advisor, all Dutch, fittingly offered attendants three valuable practical tools for resilience and adaptation planning.

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Outlook Plenary: “The two coming years are vital. Please go back home and transform the world”

Ending Resilient Cities 2014 is impossible; even though the weekend has been long, it has just begun. That is the continuing legacy of these ICLEI congresses: in facing the world’s twin super challenges – urbanization and climate change – our work must be never-ending and our lessons learned never forgotten.

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Adaptation and Mitigation – Counter – efficient?

Climate change mitigation and adaptation are areas of high priority action in the urban context. While both approaches encompass a process of positive changes, they can also impede the benefits of one another. In this context, we need to address an intrinsic problem of our society: our ability to respond to and manage change.

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Tweet of the day

@ICLEI_ResCities “Mayor Dianne Watts is my heroine. Great approaches in raising finance.” 

  — Via @Bonobo1948 (Peter King)

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Photo of the Day

ICLEI President David Cadman talks to Michele Sabban of R20 about more dialogues between cities, regions and national governments.

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Video of the Day

Describing the Mayors as “Rated Triple A: Ambition, Action, Alliances,” Juergen Nimptsch, Mayor of Bonn, shares his vision for the World Mayors Council on Climate Change.

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Voices from the corridors:

ICLEI asks Resilient Cities attendants: If you could change one thing in your home city to increase its resilience capacity, what would it be?


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