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Highlights of Resilient Cities Day 1, May 2014

Message from HRH the Prince of Wales at Resilient Cities 2014

Now in its 5th year, the Resilient Cities Congress 2014 opened with a message from His Royal Highness Prince Charles.

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Climate Change: Implications for Cities

Cities are on the front line of climate [Implications of climate change] change and the Mayors’ Adaptation Forum was briefed today on the latest scientific findings and action areas relevant to addressing climate change at the local level. A new report that explores the roles cities will play in the fight against climate change was launched during a panel discussion at the Resilient Cities Congress 2014

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Making space for the bird and the bees improves quality of life

City planners need practical tools to incorporate the different types of knowledge required to plan for urban biodiversity and ecosystem services. Just as important is the need to understand how urban biodiversity shapes, and is shaped, by quality of life aspects.

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Voices from the Corridor

What would you do to save the world?

ICLEI asked Resilient Cities attendants one simple question. See what answers they came up with!

“I would become wonderwoman so I could make everyone think globally and act locally”

- Elly Tartati Ratni, Indonesia

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Tweet of the Day

“Transformative adaptation is adaptation with mitigation in mind.” – @Dsatterthwaite of @IIED #ResilientCities


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Photo of the Day

His Royal Highness Prince Charles and ICLEI President David Cadman, who share birthdays, sharing a moment on stage together during the Resilient Cities 2014 Opening Plenary.

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Video of the Day

Nestor Garcia, the Secretary of Environment of Bogota Colombis, shares the most important steps the city is undertaking to combat climate change and build resilience.

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