Message of HRH Prince of Wales Charles

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His Royal Highness Prince of Wales Charles calls the Resilient Cities congress” vitally important to articulate fully the vision, and help establish ways to build the evidence based galvanize the world for change”


In a video message addressed to all mayors, researchers and youth leaders gathered at the Resilient Cities 2014 congress in Bonn Germany, Prince Charles highlights that the need for integrated approaches for action, saying that “Sustainable urbanization depends upon healthy connection between urban and rural development and that nowhere is this more important than in relation to food and water. The need for this integrated approach is so urgent”.


He furthers “Your discussions on resilient cities and food systems are important to a number of important processes that are due to conclude in 2015 including the articulation of a set of SDG and the global efforts to agree on a climate change framework. Immediately following this processes in 2016, the HABITAT III meetings will be a once in a generation opportunity to set a course on a more sustainable and humane approach to human settlement – one which puts nature and humanity at the center of the design process”.


At the end of the message, Prince Charles challenged the participants at the Resilient Cities to “collaborate even more effectively to shed light on how to feed three-quarters of the humanity who will live in cities”.


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Katrina Borromeo