Resilient Cities Photo of the Month – March

Dragisic_BrisbaneJelenko Dragisic‘s picture shows the Story Bridge of Brisbane 

Jelenko Dragisic’s photo shows us the resilience of the city of Brisbane in Australia. Brisbane experienced a strong flood in January 2011. The summer of 2011 was locally known as the “summer of sorrow”!  A series of disasters, mostly flooding and cyclones hit the country and had severe impacts. Now, three years later, Brisbane is recovered and the bridge framing the city perfectly captures and symbolizes a resilient and prospering city.

At the time of flooding in 2011, Jelenko Dragisic was the CEO of Volunteering Queensland. The co-ordinated volunteering effort saw the largest spontaneous volunteer registration in the nation’s history (approx. 80 000 people), with Brisbane’s volunteering program giving birth to the “Mud Army”.

Jelenko Dragisic also designed and ran Australian’s largest resilience building program which was a collaboration between governments (on all levels), corporate and community sectors.  Today, he works as a resilience advisor, and runs the website

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