Exploring urban planning in the context of climate change

At Resilient Cities 2014 Congress held in Bonn in May 2014, an Urban-LEDS project workshop was organized by ICLEI on integrated climate action from a spatial planning perspective. The large turnout revealed a great deal of interest in thinking holistically about local climate change mitigation and adaptation, and learning how urban planning can help achieve this.   As climate change mitigation and adaptation are becoming increasingly important in the urban context, tensions between these two areas of action are increasingly occuring. Urban spatial planning could be (is) an important means for local communities to capture synergies between emissions reduction  and Read more

Newsletter Resilient Cities: Day 3

                                                                                                                 Highlights of Resilient Cities Day 3, 31 May 2014 Local leaders champion resilience building Making cities resilient to disaster and the impacts of climate change has undoubtedly become a responsibility of all local leaders. This became evident during deliberations by over 400 experts, and practitioners who Read more

Voices from the Corridor – 31 May

ICLEI asks Resilient Cities attendants: If you could change one thing in your home city to increase its resilience capacity, what would it be?   Eva Madeira – Head of Membership and Governance, ICLEI Global Services, Bonn, Germany Home city: Lisbon, Portugal Change: Vertical gardens to increase building’s energy efficiency         Conchita M. G. Kedowide – Director, CCGeo Consulting, Dakar, Senegal Home city: Cotonou, Benin Change: A controled urbanization to prevent the development of informal settlement in floodplains         Alberto Terenzi – Officer, Sustainable Resources, Climate and Resilience, ICLEI Europe, Freiburg, Germany Home city: Read more

Outlook Plenary: “The two coming years are vital. Please go back home and transform the world”

Ending Resilient Cities 2014 is impossible; even though the weekend has been long, it has just begun. That is the continuing legacy of these ICLEI congresses: in facing the world’s twin super challenges – urbanisation and climate change – our work must be never-ending and our lessons learned never forgotten. Thankfully, the readiness of participants to return home to get started was radiating from smiling lips and crystal-clear eyes after the outlook plenary.

Dutch-style interactive modelling of heat islands, indoor overheating and pluvial water management

At the end of the three days of Resilient Cities 2014, four researchers and one policy advisor, all Dutch, fittingly offered attendants three valuable practical tools for resilience and adaptation planning.