Vulnerability assessment is key

Cities need to be prepared for disaster. It should not be that a flood hits, a storm rages or a mass earthquake wakes a city up to the need for disaster risk assessment and adaptation. The Open European Day, a pre-event of Resilient Cities 2014, broached the subject within of the need for vulnerability and risk assessments. Adaptation is gaining momentum but unfortunately it is driven by disaster. As Nancy Saich from the European Investment Bank said, “They think adaptation is only flood protection, or only one aspect. They need to realize that vulnerability assessment is key. Cities need to Read more

Funding tips from Nancy Saich, EIB

Nancy Saich from the European Investment Bank had lots of tips and advice for cities looking for funding. Here are her top five: EIB is not just funding, we do lending, blending and advising. Resilience and Adaptation are key priorities for the Bank this year. We have funding for Adaptation. We are really supporting and funding resilient actions and infrastructure. Sometimes it is not about spending money, it is about spending money differently. The approach has to be changed. Needs have to be assessed and integrated. Stop being  a climate change and adaptation purist. Be more pragmatic and think what Read more

Snippets from the Open European Day.

The Open European Day brought together European cities to talk about funding for adaptation and mitigation, to exchange their ideas and strategies in adaptation, and to discuss how they work with their limits. Cities, experts and organizations talked about what works, what does not and how to do better. Here are some snippets from the day: Marco Cardinaletti, City of Ancona: “Before cities planned and waited for national governments and depending on the percentage of funds received went for implementation and tendering from the private sector. The process is no longer linear. We need to start including our stakeholders from Read more