Copenhagen: from a Cloudburst Management Plan to green climate adaptation The city of Copenhagen has just finished its work on the Cloudburst Management Plan. The plan is an innovative way to adapt urban open spaces like streets and places to heavy storm water events and thereby prevent flooding. The “Cloudburst Concretization Masterplan” was developed for eight central catchment areas in Copenhagen, encompassing a total area of 34 km². A “cloudburst” tool box of urban interventions, such as cloudburst boulevards, cloudburst parks, cloudburst plazas, provides the basis for a dynamic and multifunctional system. This new generation of blue-green infrastructures addresses essential Read more

Santiago de Chile

New initiatives on climate change adaptation in Santiago de Chile New local climate change adaptation initiatives have been started in the last three years in and around the metropolitan area of Santiago de Chile. These initiatives contributed to a wide scientific knowledge; however, the steps from science to policy and from policy to implementation have to be undertaken. Ninety percent of Chileans live in urban areas, with over 40% of the national population living in the Santiago Metropolitan Area.  Given this high concentration, the ability of the Metropolitan Region to adapt to climate change is critical for the healthy development Read more

UCGS Survey Highlights

Highlights from the Urban Climate Change Governance Survey (UCGS) The Urban Climate Change Governance Survey brings together the insights and experiences of 350 cities from around the globe. Results from the survey show that cities are mainstreaming climate change planning and action, and that leading cities are taking urban mitigation policies further than ever before. The full report will be launched this Spring as part of the 2014 Resilient Cities Conference in Bonn, Germany. The report includes a focus on mitigation, coverage of how cities are linking adaptation and mitigation, and an exploration of how mitigation efforts contribute to urban Read more

The 5 H’s of my Resilient Cities 2013 experience

I had the privilege of being a blogger and tweeter during Resilient Cities 2013. Offered the opportunity to return this year, no choice could have been easier. When I look back, five categories of memories – three of which I want to relive and two that were not as pleasant– pop into mind: Heart My first impression upon arriving in beautiful Bonn and the Gustav-Stresemann-Institut venue was the professionalism, devotion and smiles of all ICLEI staff, volunteers and participants (and hotel staff). It stood very clear that passion was everywhere – a thought that was confirmed time and again during Read more