Urban-Nexus: a holistic and comprehensive approach to managing ourselves and our global wealth. 2014 marks the year of alliances between people and organizations, between local and global. Let 2014 be the year we reach out to the world and form alliances. With this, the Mayor of Bonn, Jürgen Nimptsch, highlights the importance of cooperation and collaboration on a macro and micro level. With the same collaborative mindset, the panel of the Urban-Nexus approach stresses that our interlinked and interdependent resources systems require an integrated approach. The focus of the session was on how the Urban Nexus approach and inter-sectorial coordination Read more

Knowledge sharing and skill transfer

Knowledge sharing and skill transfer: Increasing the capacity of developing countries with the help of developed countries. You don’t have to make big investments to get people together and work on shared problems says Jose Miguel Martinez and with this he draws attention to common misconceptions that there is little collective will in society without some financial incentive to remove obstructions and face common challenges together. It is more a question of creating awareness and building the capacity of local and national governments to assess and manage the risks and vulnerabilities their cities face due to climate change. David Wilk Read more