Message of HRH Prince of Wales Charles

Watch the video here.   His Royal Highness Prince of Wales Charles calls the Resilient Cities congress” vitally important to articulate fully the vision, and help establish ways to build the evidence based galvanize the world for change”   In a video message addressed to all mayors, researchers and youth leaders gathered at the Resilient Cities 2014 congress in Bonn Germany, Prince Charles highlights that the need for integrated approaches for action, saying that “Sustainable urbanization depends upon healthy connection between urban and rural development and that nowhere is this more important than in relation to food and water. The Read more

Climate Change Impacts in Asia

According to Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability, released by the UN intergovernmental panel on climate change in March this year, Asian cities are expected to suffer particularly acutely from the impacts of global warming. Flooding, heat stress, extreme precipitation, drought and water scarcity are already having a profound effect on city dwellers across the continent. Through a three year project to increase local urban resilience, eight cities in India and the Philippines have been working to lessen climate change impacts in their cities. The AsianCitiesAdapt project brought together science and policy to support local governments in developing a local response to Read more